In an in-depth story about the history of Insight, founder Dr. Jawad Shah discusses his past, his vision for Insight, his passion for helping others, and his hopes for the future.

See Crain’s Detroit Business for the full story, which was posted in February, but here’s a small glimpse of what you will read.

How It All Began

Dr. Shah moved to Flint with his family in 2003 and looked into a building to purchase in order to expand his growing practice. He was looking for approximately 16,000 square feet of space, but something told him to go big. He purchased two buildings on one property that totaled nearly 600,000 square feet.

Doing so wasn’t exactly a part of his vision. Instead, it created a vision that was much bigger.

What Happened Next

Dr. Shah created an integrated neurosurgery practice that incorporates support and ancillary services for neurosciences and orthopedics.

By the end of 2008, Insight moved in and more than a dozen other tenants rented space at the property, including lawyers, doctors, a hospice, a trucking transport company, and a food pantry.

Over the next 11 years, Shah created a number of health care-related enterprises, all integrated with his multi-specialty practice. He employs 350 workers at Insight and expects those numbers to continue to grow. Among other resources, Insight now features:

  • an 18-bed rehabilitation healing center
  • an imaging center
  • pain and addiction management
  • comprehensive therapy including aqua therapy and chiropractic care services
  • a wellness center
  • a business incubator
  • medical research
  • a partnership with Michigan State University’s philosophy department to conduct bioethics research.

An Intrinsic Drive to Help Others

Dr. Shah continues to contribute to the growth of Flint from a business and health care standpoint and is committed to community and civic development. In fact, he was one of the first people to step up to help during the Flint Water Crisis.

He acquired the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village, a youth center with a summer day camp and after-school academic and athletic programs. He serves as chairman of the center, which also offers youth journalism, music, and adult literacy programs.

He believes in giving the best possible care to patients, whether they have insurance or not.

The Future of Insight

Insight has purchased the former Michigan Surgical Hospital in Warren, renamed as Insight Surgical Hospital. Insight plans to acquire several more surgical hospitals in the next several years as a lower cost alternative for patients.

A real estate transaction involving the purchase of a building in Fenton that will be used for a long-term care rehabilitation is expected to be completed early this year. As planned, additional surgery hospital acquisitions are being negotiated as well.

Dr. Shah also was one of the investors in Pontiac General Hospital, which was acquired in early 2018 out of bankruptcy by the Sharma family.

Insight’s research and education programs remain among its greatest strengths and differentiators, as it not only offers solutions but is involved in creating them.

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