From breaking through the clutter of city roads to piercing through open fields and passing low signal areas, vehicular antennas notoriously face many challenges when it comes to providing reliable service. Although traditional antenna solutions have allowed us to get to where we are now, they are lacking the necessary innovation needed to take the way vehicles receive and send signals to the next level. We are now seeing a wave of movement toward EV and AV cars and continuous improvements in all parts of the vehicle’s internal makeup — yet we more or less see the same antenna design with limited functionality that has been the standard for decades.

As vehicles advance year to year, it is only expected that their internal technology will evolve too. IINNTENNA aims to take vehicular antennas into the future, today. With increased gain, high speeds, maximized efficiency, and transparent design, IINNTENNA’s configuration as a vehicular antenna elevates the performance of all vehicles through each standard radio frequency (RF) metric we outcompete.

As electric vehicle technology continues to advance, all eyes are on the automotive industry to deliver top tier solutions that conserve energy and maximize efficiency with each model release. Our antenna solution is designed to meet current industry standards as well as the needs of future all-electric vehicles, which will require less energy to do more and areas where energy usage can be refocused. Simple in production, installation, and practically transparent, IINNTENNA is the solution the automotive industry has been waiting for. In vast, open landscapes, dense cityscapes, and everything in-between, INNTENNA effortlessly delivers connectivity like never before.

IINNTENNA offers customized application solutions to improve your vehicle’s performance and differentiate your products with innovative features on all physical and RF fronts. Once we reach the optimal design solution based on your specific needs, run performance and user experience testing in your labs (or any lab of your choice), and address each of your concerns in advancing your technology together, we offer licensing and manufacturing options to complete your full-scale solution. Contact us for a commitment-free consultation today.

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