One of the main design variations of the IINNTENNA is its application as a high-performing base station antenna. Some of the issues we see with today’s trajectory of 5G rollouts and the vast increase in need for base stations is the amount of deaths within the USA caused directly from mounting the base stations. Today’s base stations are too heavy and far too impractical to be considered “the best” as many would claim. They are dangerous to install and require dozens more per area with the new 5G high frequency, low range designs that only cover a short distance.

Our IINNTENNA is not only smaller and a fraction of the weight, it is also multi-beamed to increase gain and distance while beating current speeds. There has been a need for this innovation since the time of 4G and it is only growing as 5G rolls out across the map. We also offer customized application solutions to improve your base stations’ performance and differentiate your products with innovative features on all physical and RF fronts. Once we reach the optimal design solution based on your specific needs, run performance and user experience testing in your labs (or any lab of your choice), and address each of your concerns in advancing your technology together, we offer licensing and manufacturing options to complete your full scale solution. Contact us for a commitment-free consultation today.

Recent Publications
  • Purchasing Great Lakes Technology Center that was earmarked to be demolished and created Insight.
    • Close to full capacity with multiple divisions and independent tenets.
    • Agreed to 120 jobs in 10 years created over 300 jobs
    • Agreed to invest over $18 million
  • Purchasing a hospital earmarked to be shut down in Warren, Michigan. In less than 1 month made it financially solvent.
  • Purchasing an abandoned 70,000 sq. ft.  former elementary school, and creating a not-for-profit, SBEV ( Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village), focused on youth empowerment and almost at full capacity.
    • SBEV has partnered with NFL Foundation, State Farm, Kettering University, HAP, MSU, UM-Flint, State Bank, YMCA, amongst others.
  • Purchasing multiple surgery centers, each of which is financially solvent
  • Insight Imaging
  • Insight Rehabilitative services
    • IHC
  • Creating multiple independent divisions, each of which is financially solvent
  • Phil Hagerman, The CEO of Diplomat (the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy), cited Insight as pivotal in deciding to expand its footprint in Flint.
  • Creating a fully functional stroke program at McLaren-Flint
  • Championing the neurotrauma program at Hurley as  a level 1 Trauma center for over 10 years
  • Championing the Ascension – Genesys Stroke program and transferring it to Neurology once established
  • Creating a medical teaching facility

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Maximizes design efficiency by eliminating the power-consuming, bandwidth limiting, matching circuits; without which we are able to see decreased power consumption and increased bandwidth.

This higher efficiency increases sensitivity to reception, leading to further prolonged battery life within the host device.


Using our patented technology, the IINNTENNA is gridded, which significantly reduces its weight and wind-load. Manufacturing is simple, low cost, and can be completed with high accuracy, followed by much easier and safer installation.


The IINNTENNA Can generate an arbitrary number of high gain directive beams that can be remotely tilted with arbitrary vertical and horizontal tilt angles, without replacing the antenna, even if the restricted LTE band originally specified by the network is changed.

Four units of these antennas can cover the whole azimuth plane (360°) with an arbitrary number of beams ranging from 9 to 60 beams.

If required, the vertical and horizontal tilt angles of all beams can be different from each other regardless of their number. This can be fulfilled and modified remotely without replacing the antenna.


Our multi-beam antenna can be remotely controlled to cover arbitrary sets of areas of any/all arbitrary shapes and sizes (circle, quasi-ellipse, quasi-square, quasi-rectangle, quasi-triangle, quasi-square, half a circle, etc.), regardless of the antenna height. This is valuable in all high-gain applications such as base stations, satellites, earth stations, space shuttles, etc.

Even while mounted on a quasi-stationary platform (aircrafts, satellites, space shuttles, etc.) with movement in all directions (x, y, z axes), the IINNTENNA is able to cover any arbitrary sets of areas and/or fixed areas by automatically and remotely changing the vertical tilt angle of each beam.


The new multi-beam antenna can simultaneously cover up to 60 different areas at arbitrary vertical and horizontal angles.

It can simultaneously communicate with up to 60 other antennas (satellites, earth stations, aircrafts, base stations, etc.).