Satellite TV continues to be one of the most valued forms of media consumption. With more features being added by networks and greater data quantities required to be received by satellite TV antennas, there has been a real need for innovation. The clunky receivers mounted on buildings and homes are outdated and just work well enough, but IINNTENNA will take satellite TV to its greatest heights yet.

A low-cost, lightweight, low wind load, and imaginatively-designed antenna has been created to increase connectivity in all areas of radio frequency (RF) and is easier to install and less susceptible to weather related destruction. IINNTENNA as a satellite TV antenna increases speeds, gain, and distance from which signals can be received. Performing at levels above all industry standards, IINNTENNA sets the stage for the future of the satellite TV industry.

IINNTENNA offers customized application solutions to improve your satellite TV’s performance and differentiate your products with innovative features on all physical and RF fronts. Once we reach the optimal design solution based on your specific needs, run performance and user experience testing in your labs (or any lab of your choice), and address each of your concerns in advancing your technology together, we offer licensing and manufacturing options to complete your full-scale solution. Contact us for a commitment-free consultation today.

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