The original embedded antennas in cell phones did more to change the course of history than many people know. Without them, we would not be able to add any applications to our cell phones and mainstream cellular devices would not be able to exist the way they do today. With embedded antennas, the world is able to experience a cell phone that has three to four antennas built into its design, each picking up a different operational frequency: one for standard talking capabilities, one for GPS that used to require a separate device, and more for other specific functionalities that require additional bandwidth.

The IINNTENNA is the innovative solution to the wall blocking us from revolutionizing advancement in mobile handsets once again. While Dr. Sanad was directly responsible for internalizing antennas decades ago with Nokia, he has now created another solution that will revolutionize antennas as we know them. With the IINNTENNA, there will no longer be a need for the three to four embedded antennas we see in phones today because it can do much more in a singular form. The capabilities of cell phones will be limitless as the industry begins to integrate the technology. With increased speeds, gain, distance, and more, the IINNTENNA is the answer to new heights and progress in revolutionary technological advancements across the board.

We offer customized application solutions to improve your mobile handset’s performance on all physical and RF fronts. Once we reach the optimal design solution based on your specific needs, run performance and user experience testing in your labs (or any lab of your choice), and address each of your concerns in advancing your technology together, we offer licensing and manufacturing options to complete your full scale solution. Contact us for a commitment-free consultation today.

Within the mobile handset application of the IINNTENNA, you and your device users will benefit from the following innovative qualities:

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Maximizes design efficiency by eliminating the power consuming, bandwidth limiting, matching circuits; without which we are able to see decreased power consumption and increased bandwidth.

This higher efficiency increases sensitivity to reception, leading to further prolonged battery life within the host device.


Our one antenna covers the whole LTE frequency band, the whole sub-6GHz 5G band, or the whole 5G-mm wave band; compared to 3-4 antennas traditionally needed.

This can single handedly resolve the main problem of global roaming.


The IINNTENNA is self-contained, meaning its operation does not depend on any part of the terminal or body of the device, allowing it to be used in many applications without requiring modification of the antenna or host device.

Made of a narrow, flexible material, the IINNTENNA can be bent or folded in different forms to fit any available space in the desired terminal. Due to this, and its independence from the device’s ground plane, multiple antennas can be implemented in MIMO with high isolation, utilizing otherwise unusable sides/spaces within the device.